Alexis taking her first
steps on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood.

The artist inside was trying to come
out of Alexis at a very early age.

Alexis's Mother just
after winning a beauty pageant.

Alexis's Mom and Dad,
having a very "I Love Lucy" moment.

Lexi's Mother & Father

Lexi's Grandfather,
her Dad's Dad.

Alexis's Father.

Alexis and her horse
at about 8 years old.

Alexis was an award-winning horseback rider.
These were riding posters from back in her hay-day

Alexis in her Concert Choir Photo
Can you find Alexis in her High School Concert Choir photo above?

Lexi's own little animal planet, her pets.

Alexis in all of her glory in 2004.


Alexis feeding dolphins in the bahamas.

Alexis (on the left) and her friend,
at age 16.

Alexis and her cousin, and Webmaster,
Austin in her Beverly Hills Studio.

Alexis and her cousins (clockwise from top left)
, Devon, Tyson and Dain
Christmas 2001

Alexis' Grandma Alma & Bapa
always Glamorous even in their 90's!
Out on the town in San Francisco!

Alexis with her assistant and friend, Bree

Alexis and her life-long friend, Karla,
on the set of the AV System infomercial.

Alexis and her cousin, Austin

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