Alexis recently made a splash with a couple of the "Pool Girls" from BBC's
#1 ranked television show L.A. Pool Party.

Lisa Snowdown (Left) and Jayne Middlemiss (Middle) stopped by Alexis's
Beverly Hills Studio to allow Alexis to work her makeover magic.
These gorgeous makeovers will soon be aired on "LA Pool Party",
but you can take a sneak peak right now...

Jayne Middlemiss

Lisa Snowdown

Alexis working on Lisa's makeover

Lisa still experiencing makeover magic

Alexis didn't let the girls see themselves
until they looked at the Polaroids first...

Jayne showing off her new look to the camera

Now Lisa taking a moment in the spotlight

Jayne preparing to thank Alexis

Strike a pose...You go girls

Hair Colorist for makeover women by Bella for Exxess Salon (818) 681-6628
Hair Extension Design by Piny of Beverly Hills (310) 652-6691

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